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Always ready, work from anywhere ... We work with industry leading cloud technology, so you no longer have to worry about hardware & infrastructure management. If you are legally required to run on premise or prefer a hybrid cloud setup then we can help there too. Our solutions are based on modern Docker based container technology and we make your solutions tailored to your needs

Making technology work for you, is our passion ... Accelerate the growth of your business through integration and automation. One integrated solution for all your data. Build data driven applications with ease for all your sales channels, orders, inventory, accounting, customer data, reporting, dashboard and more.

Laser sharp focus on what's important ... Stay on top of your business with advanced reporting, analytics, alerting and machine learning needs. Scheduled report creation or generated on demand, we bring visibility to your business to support you future decisions.

We integrate and automate ... Everything works better when your existing systems work together - making that happen is our specialty. Of course, if you need more functionality or help choosing another product to integrate with or build a new specific application - we can help there too

What we do

Our international team is made up of individuals with experience in multiple areas of business and each with unique skills. We believe that technology should work to enable business instead of being a burden.

The philosopy we work to is 'Smarter, not harder' while always keeping in mind 'The Big Picture' of what the end goal is & how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

We want to work with you to create a really great solution to your challenges & help you & your company take it to the next level.

How we do it

Technology changes all time & so we are always looking to find the right tool or technology for the job. This means we always have a good toolkit to hand with experienced people who can leverage the best of the best.

If we still can't find something appropriate, we are more than happy to create something custom.

We understand the reality of what needs to be done, how & why & most importantly how it related to budget. It's important to us to communicate openly & accurately to make sure what the result is fit for purpose & delivery on time.

Ariki Solutions

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Solution Architecture

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Performance Optimizations

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Custom Development

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ARIKI Solutions is your partner for big data solutions

ARIKI Solutions, your partner in business automation.